Our Decree

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We Demand That Workers Be Provided Personal Protective Equipment.

Whereas, the Covid-19 pandemic has created unprecedented health and safety risks in the workplace; and

Whereas, despite these risks, Wisconsin workers have continued to provide essential services on the job; and

Whereas, workplace safety is a fundamental and non-negotiable human right enjoyed by all workers; and

Whereas, the health, safety and lives of workers must never be compromised in the quest for profit or other material gain; and

Whereas, it is morally and legally incumbent upon employers to create and maintain conditions that, to the greatest extent possible, allow their employees to work in a safe and healthy workplace; and

Whereas, it is an unacceptable violation of basic human rights to ask workers to sacrifice their right to workplace safety in order to earn a living;

Now, therefore, the Wisconsin AFL-CIO on behalf of the workers of our state demands that appropriate personal protective equipment be provided to everyone whose work requires it.

We further demand that the workers have a voice equal with that of their employers in determining what personal protective equipment and workplace practices are necessary to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

Masked, We Advance.