Can't Sew? Donate!

You can be part of our effort without knowing a thing about needles and thread. The mission of the Union Mask Brigade is simple: mobilizing workers to protect workers. Some sew. Some supply mask-making materials like fabric and elastic. Some are able to contribute plastic film or acetate sheets for making face shields. Some are offering to help pick-up or deliver. Others want to give monetarily. Maybe you have another idea about how you can help - we’d love to hear it.

When it comes to helping keep our fellow workers and those around them safe and healthy, there’s a role for everyone. When Brigade volunteers sewing masks said they wanted to include metal nosepieces like many commercially-produced models have, The Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, Transportation workers union (SMART) Local 18 stepped in. They designed, produced and donated SMART Strips, the exact metal strips that were needed. That’s union solidarity in action. Thank you to Mike Mooney, President/Business Manager SMART Local 18 and member of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO Executive Board, for facilitating the donation of metal nosepieces to the Union Mask Brigade makers.

The Union Mask Brigade welcomes everyone wanting to advance our mission of protecting workers on the job. The only requirement is your desire and willingness to help. Take a moment to think about what you can do then click the red button above to let us know - we will be in touch. We are here to coordinate getting supplies to the UMB makers who use them and get their end results to union workers who need them. The union workers you’ll help keep safe thank you!