Show Us Your Mask!

We want to hear about you and your maskmaking efforts and we want to see what you are creating. No matter what your style — sporty, crazy, glamorous — share your creativity and talent with the world. Tell your story. Upload your best creations. Get new ideas. Inspire other mask makers. (And if you love a mask the UMB donated to you show us here too.) Prizes and giveaways for posting!

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Tyrone Shotwell

We are all stronger and safer when we mask up.

Carla Miller

I’m a founding member of the UMB and an Accountant at WI AFL-CIO. My mother taught me to sew when I was a child. Sewing was always a part of our home when growing up and I continue to sew on a regular basis. When the pandemic hit and there was word that masks were needed, it was an opportunity to use my sewing skills, but more importantly to help people.

Jessica Saldivar

I'm an RN in emergency medicine and member of the WFNHP.

Linda Sadowski

I’m a founding member of the UMB and an Administrative Assistant at WI AFL-CIO. I have enjoyed being able to put my skills to work when the pandemic hit. It has been rewarding to be part of the “war effort” so to speak. I’ve experimented with lots of different patterns and types of fabric and had a few broken needles along the way.

Kimberly Stewart

I am a Housekeeper at Milwaukee Behavioral Health -- can't wait to rock the new Union Mask Brigade mask.

Maurice Henderson

Psych tech at MHD. Mask up, Milwaukee.

Mike Hoppe

These masks are great - USW Local 2-209 thanks the USB for their donation!

Tanya Morgan

Thanks for the flower power mask.

Artesta Prather

RN, WFNHP member at Milwaukee BHD -- mask up!

Angelina Wyatt-Jolly

Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals -- union strong at Milwaukee Behavioral Health. Standing together to stay safe and best serve our patients.

Ben Delie

This is a great effort of union members giving back to fellow workers and the community at large to stay healthy. We are all in this together. Thanks from all of us at AFSCME Local 3055. (President)

Laurie Kurczewski

Proud member of AFSCME Council 32

JoAnn Zander

I am proud to be a union member of AFT Local 243. This is my Laurel Burch face mask. I love it!

Ana Branderhorst

Homeschooling mom who enjoys sewing in her spare time.

Althea Townsend

Thank you for the beautiful new mask.

Carlos Ginard

I just got my Union Mask Brigade mask and I LOVE IT! What I love the most is that beautiful union-made label. Big thank you to all the members of the UMB for providing me this mask. Solidarity, forever from the Chicago & Midwest Regional Joint Board of Workers United, CMRJB Workers United


From all of us at USW Local 2-209 thanks for the donation of masks. Health and safety is a major concern of our union. Any extra help to stay safe at home and at work is very welcome.

Michael Ngambo

Great mask, thank you UMB.

Michele Schafer

UAW Local 9 Brewery Workers -- mask solidarity.

Mario Simmons

Can't wait to pass out these masks to my fellow letter carriers! Thanks Union Mask Brigade! I will be rocking the mask on my route. Letter Carrier blue goes great with the uniform.

Bernestine Burries

Union Mask Brigade, mask up!

Doug Maerder

Thank you from Machinists Lodge 78

Melissa Zombor

While I sew, I think about every person who may wear one of the masks. I think about the MPS teacher delivering supplies to students, the transit worker driving my neighbor to pick up groceries, the healthcare worker who needs a covering to go over the N95 mask they’ve been re-wearing. I think about my family and the people they may come in contact with at the grocery store. I’ll continue to sew cloth masks past my bedtime until everyone is protected and safe.

Sandra Binder

Racine Education Association member for 11 years. Loves DYI projects and camping, riding motorcycles and coffee.

Anthony Rainey

I am a UAW member and member of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO Executive Board. I appreciate the Union Mask Brigade looking out for the health and safety of working people.

Elizabeth Evans

Thank you, thank you to all the members of the Union Mask Brigade. Solidarity.

Sue Voelker

I’m a retired member of AFSCME Local 3055. My husband Tim, who just recently retired from National Association of Letter Carrier, Branch 619 and I are long time union supporters and excited to volunteer our efforts.

Wendy Greene

I am a 10 year member of IAMAW Local Lodge 66 as a journeyman mechanic at Ocean Spray Cranberry in Kenosha, WI. I serve as a union steward, organizing committee chairperson, and currently hold the position as treasurer for the Racine County AFL-CIO chapter. I have two children and three grandchildren that I just adore. My passion is riding motorcycles and camping. I love my union family!

Tezra Jones

RN at Milwaukee Behavioral Health. Always great to have extra masks to slow the spread of COVID-19.

James Macon

Thank you to the Union Mask Brigade for the donation of masks. Our bus drivers love the masks. They are made really well and are super comfortable to wear. Excellent quality. (ATU 998 President)

Abby Gray

Thank you to the sewers of Union Mask Brigade. This is one of the best fitting masks I've come across. Solidarity.

Brian Woller

I am a psych tech at MBHD -- Union Mask Brigade gets it done getting workers extra protection with cloth masks.

Jane Gladoski

AFL-CIO Community Services Liaison Jay Reinke shows off masks made and donated by Jane Gladoski.

Britni Abdallah

Thank you sewers and volunteers of the UMB for the mask.

Ross Winklbauer

Thanks to WI AFL-CIO and the UMB for delivering us some great homemade masks. Can't wait to try! USW Local 2-209

Barbara Brown

New mask, who dis?

Kelli Harrison

I’m a UAW member, CAP/PAC Coordinator, and member of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO Executive Board. I have done hundreds of masks for UAW members in manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and the Midwest. We are union strong.

ATU Local 998

Thanks to the UMB for having our backs while we have yours. Stay safe!

Lorrie Clarey

I am an RN at Milwaukee Behavioral Health and member of the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, AFT. I have been making masks for family members since the pandemic hit. Even cutting up aluminum pans into strips to fashion nose pieces.


Thanks UMB from USW Local 2-209 at Harley Davidson!

IAMAW Lodge 66

Thank you from the IAMAW Local Lodge 66 at Miller Brewery!

Tammie Lewis

Thanks Union Mask Brigade, this new flower mask making me look good.

ATU Local 998

My red UMB mask brightens my day!

Matt Albers

Thank you to all the sewers of the Brigade for your efforts. (Vice President, AFSCME Local 3055)

Tinika Aldridge

Flight nurse at Milwaukee Behavioral Health. Union strong all day long.

Jeff Weber

A big thank you to the Union Mask Brigade for helping to keep my wife Anne and I safe during these uncertain times. And thank you for the donation to the nurses and health professionals of the WFNHP! (President of the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, AFT)

Cynthia Tillman

I am a CNA in the children's unit at Milwaukee Behavioral Health. I mask up to stay safe and save lives.

Marta Bradley

I am the Secretary-Treasurer for Metropolitan DC Federation of Musicians, Local 161-710 of the AFM. I also sew quilts, which means I have a rather large stash of fabric. I have made 500+ masks so far and have given them away to friends, but also doctors, nurses, dentist offices, nurse practitioners, and nursing care facility employees.

Alex Boll

The message I created from Post-its and paint on our window is "Be Safe. We Deliver for You." We're doing everything we can to be safe too. The letter carriers at Wauwatosa Station and I thank the Union Mask Brigade for helping.

Andrea Trice

Thank you for the masks, Union Mask Brigade and the Wisconsin AFL-CIO.

Andrew Stark

This is the essence of solidarity. Union workers helping union workers. The labor movement in a nutshell. Thank you to the WI AFL-CIO and all the sewers of the Union Mask Brigade for the donation of masks to UAW Local 9 Brewery Workers.

ATU Local 998

Some heroes wear masks. #ATUstrong

Michelle Ritt

I am a veteran special education teacher and active member of Madison Teachers, Inc. I also serve on the Dane County Board. So far, I have made over 500 masks. My first batch was for nurses at a local pediatric clinic. Sewing has become a part of daily life for me. I know it makes a difference. It’s something I can do to help. SMART nose strips have been an amazing addition to my masks. ❤️Solidarity.

Connie Smith

I'm with the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, AFT. I am a Surgical Tech and President of the Tech Unit at St. Francis Hospital. Here I am sporting my Blue Fist embroidered mask! Thanks, UMB!

Margie Burton

Go Union Mask Brigade, go.

Stephanie Bloomingdale

To all the Union Mask Brigade sewers - the masks you are making are being received very enthusiastically. I love them and everyone I speak with does too. I applaud and thank you for your dedication to helping union workers be safer on the job. (President, Wisconsin State AFL-CIO)

Chris Delongchamp

Thank you for the new mask! UAW Local 9 Brewery Workers.

Ezoda Whitlock

I'm a letter carrier at Wauwatosa Station and a member of the WI State Association of Letter Carriers. I'm sending thanks to the UMB for delivering these beautiful masks. It made our day!

Rachelle Alioto

I am a retired public employee at UW Milwaukee and the organizer of the Brady Street Moms. My machine was accumulating dust, so I thought this is the perfect time to get it running to help workers in Wisconsin by contributing to the Union Mask Brigade effort.

ATU Local 998

Stay safe, mask up.

Florence Washington

Thank you to the Union Mask Brigade for the new mask.

Spencer Savage

The Union Mask Brigade is helping keep me and my grocery customers virus free. I'm a proud UFCW 1473 member and know my union is continuing to fight for worker protections.


I am MTEA retired art teacher. I taught at Golda Meir, 38th Street, Sholes Middle School, Honeycreek, Neeskara, Grand Avenue, French Immersion, Carleton, Trowbridge. I’ve been making masks nonstop and handing them out wherever I can (including Washington HS for the election voters).

Alexis Bailey

Housekeepers mask up to save lives.

ATU Local 998

Our union is making sure we stay as safe as possible while keeping up our service to the community. Essential workers, unite!

Cindy Delie

My husband Dennis is a Steelworker and Wisconsin AFL-CIO’s Secretary Treasurer. I’m so happy to be able to put my love for sewing to use making masks. I’m doing adults and kids sizes in multiple styles and patterns.

ATU Local 998

A mask helps us as drivers stay healthy as we continue to serve our communities during the COVID-19 health crisis. If you are a passenger, mask up with us. We are stronger, together.

IAMAW Lodge 66

I and the IAMAW at Miller Brewery thank the UMB for the mask donations.

Scott van Derven

I'd like to thank the Union Mask Brigade for having the backs of Letter Carriers by making these fantastic masks! Our carriers have been on the front lines delivering normalcy to the American public since Day One and will be there to help deliver the recovery of our nation as well. Thanks again to our brothers and sisters of the Union Mask Brigade! (President of the WI State Association of Letter Carriers)

Anne Hesson

I am an RN and member of the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals. I wear a mask to slow the spread of COVID-19 and help our healthcare heroes.

Dennis Delie

My wife is in the Union Mask Brigade - here's the USW mask she made that I wear with pride. Thank you to all the hardworking sewers of the UMB! (Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer)

Dawn Martin

I am a member of OPEIU Local 9 and have been making masks for family members. Can't wait to make some for the Union Mask Brigade and sew some of the Union Mask Brigade labels onto the masks.

Tanita Mitchell

Thanks to the Union Mask Brigade for the comfy mask!

Marty Horn

Proud MTEA member. I am happy to donate material, resources, and my time for this great solidarity effort to get workers masks in Wisconsin.

Ellen La Luzerne

Proud member of AFSCME Local 171 and reporter at WORT radio. Wearing masks is a way to show respect for others. Making masks is my way to show that respect, to give back to the community. I've been sewing since middle school. My skills were rusty when I started mask making. Before volunteering for the Brigade, I sewed masks for family and friends. The Brigade has helped my sewing skills return and, I hope, help others stay safe and well.

Margaret Ngambo

Mask save lives. Sending a virtual hug to the sewers and volunteers with the Union Mask Brigade.

Utopia Brown

Styling in my new Union Mask Brigade mask.